All About Painting By Numbers

In 1950 the Palmer Paint Company of Detroit were looking for new ways to market their paints. They came up with the ingenious painting by numbers system and it took the world by storm. In the fifties & sixties nearly everyone had heard of it and millions had bought one and enjoyed the experience. Painting by numbers is now making a well deserved comeback. Many parents today are desperate to get their children away from the tv, computer games etc. Believe it or not most kids when they start a painting will carry on until it is finished. The sense of achievement is far greater than a high score on a game console. That also applies to everyone else who has the time, or will make the time to relax into a real leisure activity.

What You Get

Every Paintfayre kit comes complete with everything you need to finish your painting.
The contents are: a pre-numbered canvas sheet plus all the paint pots with the colors to complete your canvas and paint brushes. We always supply more paint than you need.
The most popular size of canvas is 40cm x 50cm ( 16″ x 20″) Some subjects are in portrait format and others are in landscape.

What To Do

You do not need to mix or blend any colors, the right shade of all the colors are provided in the kit.
When using acrylic paint the drying time is pretty quick, 10-15 minutes is around normal unless you are applying very thick coats. The modern acrylics are far superior to the old paints. Today’s acrylics come in both gloss and matt. Many are indistinguishable from oil paint. If you wish to seal your artwork just apply one or two coats of clear acrylic sealer in gloss, matt or satin finishes. Acrylic paints are a great non toxic alternative to oil paint and will generally last longer that oils.
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